SCEU members can tap on our various welfare schemes to support their living expenses.

NTUC GIFT (Insurance)​

NTUC GIFT is a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions/associations. All union members who are below 65 years old are automatically covered against death and total/partial & permanent disability of up to S$40,000. Union members’ spouses below 65 years old are also covered against death and total & permanent disability. ​

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U Care Hardship Grant

NTUC U Care Fund​

The NTUC-U Care Fund was established in 2009 to consolidate the Labour Movement’s fundraising efforts to better the welfare of low-income union members and their families. There are several assistance schemes members can tap on. 

The U Care Hardship Grant provides a one-off assistance to low-income union members in the event that the member suffers hardship arising from one of the following circumstances which is of a non-industrial nature:​

a. Death​
b. Total and permanent incapacity​
c. Serious chronic medical condition*​
d. Registered fire or flood victim​

* Pre-existing serious chronic medical condition diagnosed before the applicant became a Union Member will not be considered.​

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NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers)​

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) is an assistance programme which aims to assist our low-income union members to defray their cost of basic necessities and their children’s school expenses for the new school year.​

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SCEU Education Awards​

SCEU Education Award is open to the children to SCEU’s members every year. The categories of the awards include Primary 5 to Primary 6, Secondary Level, JC, PRE-U, ITE, Polytechnic, University and Special Education Schools (SPED). ​

Members will be notified of the application period through their Branch Officials, email and our social media pages.

Need assistance but do not meet the criteria for the schemes listed above, or unsure if you meet the criteria for the various schemes?
Drop us an email at SCEU@ntuc.org.sg